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Cross Bay/Poplar Lake

Routes Difficulty: Moderate - small and medium lakes

Routes Time: 4 – 6 daysView Route Map

Lakes: Round-Ham-Cross Bay-Rib-Karl,-Long Island-Muskeg-Kiskadinna-Omega-Henson-Pillsbery-Swallow-Meeds-Car

Entry Points: 50 (40 minutes by shuttle van)

Route Highlights: wildlife, fishing

This is a great route for those just wanting to cover some ground and try smaller lakes. Smaller lakes give more protection with wind. You’ll enjoy some river paddling and have some fairly good wildlife opportunities. Early in the trip the fishing is fair with mostly Northern Pike, but the lakes at the end are good for Bass and Walleye as well. Many of the lakes have islands with campsites on the islands. There are many options to expand this route.

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