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Clearwater Main Route

Routes Difficulty: Moderate – medium size lakes

Routes Time: 3 – 5 daysView Route Map

Lakes: Clearwater-West Pike-East Pike-John-Little John-McFarland-Pine-Little Caribou-Caribou-Clearwater (or

Entry Points: #62 Clearwater Lake

Route Highlights: Super scenic, good fishing, connections to short hiking trips

Your trip begins at our lodge dock. There is good hiking on this route, as the Border Route Trail runs parallel to the trip route. The cliffs on Clearwater Lake, overlooks into Canada at Mountain Lake, and Johnson Falls on Pine Lake are all popular hiking excursions on this route. There is good fishing for Smallmouth Bass on almost all the lakes. Caribou Lake, Pine Lake and Little Caribou Lake have Walleye and Pike. Another Option is to head north into Mountain Lake from Clearwater and follow the border. Those who head west will cross Watap and Rove Lakes, cross the Long Portage, which is just over 2 miles long and believed to be the longest portage inside the BWCA in this area, then paddle into Rose or Daniels Lake. Paddlers who head east will cross Mountain Lake, Moose Lake, North Fowl Lake, South Fowl Lake, and then paddle the Royal River into John Lake.

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