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Clearwater Bakery

If you are looking for some of the best fresh baked goods in the northwoods, look no further than Clearwater Historic Lodge. We have perfected several excellent recipies and would love to prepare an order just for your visit. All items are available if they are ordered ahead of time with 48 hours notice. While we bake items all week, some types are not aavailable everyday. Pre order any time to get your favorite! Sundaes, cookies, brownies and brownie sundaes are available daily. If you would like to place an order simply click on the item below that you would like.

Bakery Menu

Bakery Item Price Order
Bread (Rye) $5.00 Order Now
Bread (Honey Whole Wheat) $5.00 Order Now
Bread(Rasin Rye) $6.00 Order Now
Bread(White) $5.00 Order Now
Cinnamon Rolls(6pk) $9.95 Order Now
Caramel Rolls(6pk) $15.00 Order Now
Peanut Butter Cookies $0.50 Order Now
Chocolate Chip Cookies $0.50 Order Now
Sugar Cookies $0.50 Order Now
Molasses Cookies $0.50 Order Now
One Dozen Cookies $5.00 Order Now
Blueberry Pie $24.00 Order Now
Apple Pie $24.00 Order Now
Rhubarb Custard Pie $24.00 Order Now
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie $24.00 Order Now
Cherry Pie $24.00 Order Now
Single Pie Slice $3.95 Order Now
Pie Slice a la mode $4.95 Order Now

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