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Lodging Policies

Reservation Policies

We have people ask why we take deposits and how we decided on our reservation policy. Our policy was created after visiting with other lodges, reviewing the Minnesota Association of Inn Keeper's Guidelines and in accordance with United States Hospitality Laws.

A reservation is a promise between us and you. We promise to have the unit(s) you reserved available and ready to be enjoyed at our agreed upon time and rate. You promise to show up and pay the agreed rate. Due to our small size of operation, and remote location, we are seriously affected by cancelled reservations. When we take your reservation we immediately begin preparing for you. Time, effort, and other costs are immediately incurred. Because of this, we require a deposit for any unit that is reserved. The deposit is an amount given by you and received by us to show that we are both bound to our agreement.

Deposits are refundable less a $50 cancellation fee until 90 days before your reservation date. If you cancel less than 90 days prior to the reservation date, we do not refund your deposit unless another party fills the unit for your entire reserved time. If you come and then decide to check out early you're responsible for the total cost of the complete rental period. Deposit amounts are deducted from your total bill at the time of checkout.

Lodging Deposits

-Cabin rental for a week: $300

-Cabin rental for less than a week: first night base rate

-Lodge room reservation: first night base rate

-Bunkhouse reservation: $20

Canoe Trip Outfitting Deposits

-Canoe trip package: $50 per person

-Canoe only reservation: $50 per Kevlar canoe or $25 per Aluminum or Royalex canoes reserved